Albinas Tamošiūnas

Abdominal surgeon, colon proctologist.

Consultations and treatment of patients with:

Disorders of anus and rectum (hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal itching, anal fistula, proctitis, functional defecation disorders);

Stomach and intestine tumours;



Pilonidal fistula, etc.

Performs ultrasound examination of abdominal organs, anoscopy, and rectoscopy.

Graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine.
From 2004 to 2009, abdominal surgery residency at Vilnius University Hospital
Santaros klinikos, Abdominal Surgery unit.
Since 2009, abdominal surgeon at Klaipėda university hospital.
Since 2018, abdominal surgeon at
Klaipėdos estetinės ir lazerinės medicinos centras.

Training in Scotland, Belgium, Portugal, and Latvia.

Scientific spheres of interest: stomach and intestine cancer surgery.

Surgical operations include: minimally invasive removal of intestine tumors (transanal endoscopic operations); laparoscopic stomach surgery.

Examinations include: ultrasound of perineum and pelvic organs; ultrasound endoscopy of rectum.

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