Cheek Lifting/Augmentation

Our skin starts ageing in early thirties. Its cells, fibroblasts, lose activity and therefore start producing less collagen and elastic fiber which slows the regeneration of intercellular substances, such as hyaluronic acid. The ageing process alters skin elasticity, its tone, thickness, surface, and color; our skin becomes more dry and wrinkled.
It is also affected by outside factors, including stress, pure diet, bad habits, ultraviolet rays, and various health issues which accelerate skin ageing.
Due to emotions, we develop various facial lines, called mimic wrinkles or expression lines; with time, our body is susceptible to gravitational ptosis which means the deterioration of soft tissues resulting in deep lines around our lips and nose (the crying lip), as well as vertical lines on the forehead, around the mouth, and between eyes.
Injective contouring is a non-surgical method to improve the shape of your face or other body parts with tissue fillers. This method can be combined with treatment by injecting type A botulinum toxin, administering mesotherapy, and using other rejuvenation methods. 
It is a safe and fast way to improve your general appearance.
Tissue fillers, while injected subcutaneously, lift the contour and give it the desired shape. Injected in deeper layers of the skin, they stimulate skin cells, fibroblasts and reduce fine wrinkles, while activating the production of collagen and elastic fiber, therefore skin surface becomes smoother and softer.
Tissue fillers, injected into cheek area, make them larger, improve facial contours.
For face contouring we use tissue fillers of non-animal origin. Biodegradable gels, such as hyaluronic acid fillers, are more acceptable to our bodies, disintegrate to by-products, and are easily flushed out of our bodies. In our clinic, we use tissue fillers of highest quality, including Juvaderm, Surgiderm, and others.

  • Treatment is fast (under 30 minutes), ambulatory, and does not interfere with everyday life.
  • Gives fast and obvious results.
  • Local anesthesia minimizes invasion and discomfort.

Obvious effect lasts between 8 and 12 months.

After treatment:

  • Do not sunbathe or tan otherwise.
  • Do not use steam bath or sauna.
  • Do not undergo physiotherapy.

At our clinic, you will be consulted by a physician who, having evaluated your complaints and expectations, your general health condition will provide you with full information on the best method of correction and suitable products.

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