Laser Treatment of Varicose Leg Veins

This is the most advanced treatment of varicose leg veins in the world. During the surgery, a laser optical fiber is inserted into a varicose vein by way of injection. Under ultrasound control, the area around the varicose vein is injected with chilled medicated solution with anesthetic properties which not only kills pain, but also protects the surrounding tissues from thermal impact. By slowly pulling the optical fiber, laser rays destruct the vein, i.e. glue it along its full length. Later on, the destructed vein disappears.
In our clinic, we apply safe, reliable and most advanced endovascular laser treatment for varicose veins with circular optical fiber from the new generation laser.
At our clinic, you will be consulted by a physician who, having evaluated your complaints, examination results, your general condition and medical history, after having performed duplex ultrasound scanning of leg veins (their diameter, condition of deep veins, valve infractions) will provide you with full information on the best method of treatment in each separate case.

  • Laser treatment of veins can be performed on 95 percent of patients with conditions from solitary capillaries to trophic ulcers.
  • No need for specific preparation of patients.
  • Surgery is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Patients are not hospitalized and can leave for home same day after surgery.
  • Post-surgical period is easy with almost no pain and minimal bruises.
  • Cosmetic effect is perfect with no post-surgical scars.
  • Physical ability is maintained (right after surgery, patients are able to walk and perform light activities).

During surgery, the varicose vein is cured 100 percent and for good.
After the treatment:

  • For 2 weeks, apply compression therapy.
  • For 1 month, avoid steam bath, sauna, and hot tub.
  • For 1 month, avoid sunbathing.

Our clinic has introduced a new advanced method – treatment of varicose veins with bio glue. This method allows our patients to return to everyday life immediately after the procedure with no scars and no need for compressive therapy.

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