Removal of Pigmentation by Laser

Removal of pigmented spots by laser or intense pulsed light (IPL)

Increased pigmentation is alterations of skin color, including pink or brown spots on the face or other body parts. They usually appear in women between 30 to 50 years of age. Apart from the main reason which is direct UV rays, pigmentation is affected by wrong cosmetic products, some medications, and hereditary factors.
Laser as well as IPL generates a certain broadband optic fiber which in its turn emits energy absorbed by skin pigment, melanin. High thermal energy destroys melanin. Thus, various pigmented formations are removed.
In our clinic pigmented growths, such as freckles, keratosis, i.e. prominent pigmented spots, UV induced pigmented discoloring, etc., are treated by applying best suitable methods. Usually, they include combined treatment by laser and IPL, with medications and skin bleachers, by skin peeling and cosmetic injections.

  • Treatment is safe and effective.
  • Least painful.
  • Causes no damage to surrounding skin.

Usually, a single treatment gives sufficient results.
At the consultation prior to the procedure, our physicians will recommend to examine your pigmented growths by the most advanced non-invasive screening, called sciascopy.
Sciascopy is a digital skin screening. Today, it is the most perfect method for surveying pigmented formations. It allows to detect most dangerous skin alterations, including melanomas, basal-cell carcinoma, dysplastic moles) in the earliest stages of the progress.

After treatment:

  • For 1 to 2 days, do not use steam bath or sauna.
  • Do not use tanning salons and to avoid direct UV rays.
  • At doctor’s recommendations, use cosmetic skin bleachers for every-day skin care and protection.

At our clinic, you will be consulted by a physician who, having evaluated your complaints and expectations, examination results, your skin condition and pigmented formations will provide you with full information on the best method of treatment in each separate case.

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